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June 24, 2004

Margaret Eckenfelder, Vice President, Policy and Research
Workers Compensation Board
6951 Westminster Hyw.
Richmond, B.C. V7C 1C6

Dear Margaret,

Re: Division 6, Sections 150-153 of the Workers Compensation Act. The right to refuse unsafe work and discriminatory action and how an Independent faller may or may not have these privileges with W.C.B.

Thank you for your prompt reply dated April 29th. After I read it I did have a few question and concerns. I have since met with Mr. Ray Bozzer in which he did confirm that the points I am about to bring up are quite legitimate and should be addressed.

Is this a Policy and Regulation or a Legislative matter? In the event it is Policy issue, is there any action being taken by the Policy Development Branch right now? Are there any dates available where this will be looked at? We would like to see this on the docket for Policy Review.

In the event that it becomes a Legislative matter are we letting the appropriate parties become involved with this right now at ground level?

I noticed that the only party that received a copy of your reply was the FSTF through Roberta Sheng-Taylor. The WFA has been involved with the FSTF/ Implementation Team and is currently involved with the newly formed Forest Industry Safety Council.

Quite frankly the matter that we have brought forward to you doesn't particularly have much if anything to do with their mandate. I have confirmed this also through other sources involved with them. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully yours,

Michael McKibbin, Chairman
Western Fallers Association

Cc WFA Board
David Anderson, President, W.C.B.
Ray Bozzer, Director, Employer Advisers
Ian May, Chairman, Employers Forum